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Seamless Withdrawals, Local Banking Advantage

Easily and quickly withdraw funds to your local bank account.


With our service, converting your revenue or funds to your local currency is a breeze, no matter what currency your clients used to pay you. You can use our local withdrawal service to transfer funds to your local bank account in more than 37 countries and 5 currencies. For countries where this is not an option, we provide international withdrawal services in over 187 countries.

Supported Withdraw Currencies Locally

RZ Forex provides an international withdrawal function for various currencies.
With the RZ Forex platform, you can withdraw any currency you need.

Quick and simple payment

Easily make a funds withdrawal to your local bank account. Enjoy seamless international transactions and receive money from anywhere in the world with ease.

Competitive conversion rate

Our secure platform offers affordable and competitive conversion rates for you to convert your funds into your local currency.

Low Cost of Transfer

Follow your money across the world from your device with no hidden fees or complicated processes.


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